The Alternative Yorkshires

We are all familiar with the good old Yorkshire pudding – but how else can we spice it up?

We’ve tried toad in the hole, we’ve put our WHOLE roast dinner inside a Yorkshire pudding, but what else can we do with these beauties?

We found some scrummy suggestions from like-minded foodies to share with you.

How about slapping your Yorkshire pud in between a burger?

Hard Rock Café London seem to have perfected this one.

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Or try chucking chilli inside your Yorkshire pud, could it get simpler than that?

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You can even go fancy pants with smoked salmon in your Yorkie.

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Try your hand at a classic quiche with a twist of Yorkshireness.

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Or pig out with pizza! Yorkshire pudding base and crust!

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Now its time for an indulgent dessert? Our personal favourite, Yorkshire pudding profiteroles!

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Or keep your dessert slightly healthy (yeh right!) with a beautiful berry sauce Yorkshire pudding.

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So the next time you have Sunday roast and add a little magic to your Yorkshires, let us know which you liked the best, or send us your own recipe!

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