Our Favourite Treat Table Trends

The options for bespoking your wedding have never been more aplenty. From homemade invitations, centrepieces and table plans, to photo booths and wedding favours; more than ever before, your wedding can be a truly unique and memorable event.

One of our favourite trends is the treat table (also often referred to as a ‘food station’). We have seen many a work of art put together by couples who use a sweet treat table to reference their theme and colour scheme or to add a quirky, personal touch to their special day whilst treating their guests.

We’ve come up with a few ideas to inspire you - what would be on your dream sweet treat table?

Savoury Grazing Tables

Fairly new to the treat table game, these tables sometimes bring together elements for your guests to put together - bruschetta or crostinis, for example. Add-in some antipasti, pizzas and savoury pies, cheese, quiches and chutneys, and you’ve made some magic! To get the best result, each element should work individually just as well as with other treats on the table. Create a stunning look to match your theme and venue, using wooden boards in various shapes and sizes, slates or porcelain and glassware.

Photocredit; Pinterest

A Taste of The East

Sushi rolls, nigiri, gyoza (dumplings) and asian themed canapés are colourful little works of art that deliver a tasty bite-sized snack in very on-trend format. Source mini take-out boxes and chop sticks so your guests can have fun putting together a delicious snack - alongside the sweet chilli sauce and wasabi, of course!

Photocredit; Pinterest 


A popular wedding treat that comes in a plethora of flavours to delight any palette - and can be served up at any point in the day, making it super simple. This treat works to any theme; we’ve seen it presented in many ways, from circus style ‘stalls’ with bright red and white stripes and paper cones, to shiny silver buckets with metal scoops and little paper bowls. You could even invest in your very own popcorn machine - they look fabulous in photos, younger guests adore them and they certainly provide a talking point!

Photocredit; Pinterest 


Who doesn’t like a donut? This little ring of loveliness can be filled and adorned with any number of colourful sweet glazes and sprinkles. You could even let your guests create their own by just laying out the ingredients.

Photocredit; Pinterest 


Great for weddings during cooler months, these are a cosy treat that can be served up in mini individual format, slices from large pies or even sweet and savoury pie pops.

Photocredit; Pinterest 

We could go on and discuss candy floss, ice cream, cup cakes and many more options. Have a chat with us about your treat table dreams and we can certainly make them come true for you!

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